Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Reluctant Blogger

I’ve resisted blogging for a long time. Why? For one, I don’t like the word. It sounds so blah—like a cross between a log and a bog, which gives you what? (A rhetorical question, but you may answer it if you wish.) A second reason? I don’t want to be bogged down with one more thing to do. Pardon the play on words.

So, why have I chosen to break the silence and put my words out in the cyber world for anyone to see? Because I’m told it’s the future of publishing. The future for those who want their books read. The future for those who want to make a difference. And, although an introvert at heart, I want those things.

Pardon this meager beginning, but if all goes well I hope to give you some things to think about. For fellow writers, I plan to share my experiences with the craft. I hope my humor shows through from time to time. And I hope you benefit from your visit(s) here.

Growing up in the fifties and sixties, my favorite comedian was Red Skelton. If memory serves, he ended his programs by saying, “Good night, and God bless.” It’s a tag line that I always loved hearing. I’ll abbreviate his line and end my first blog by simply saying,

God Bless,



  1. Wayne! Welcome to the blogosphere! While you might think the word 'blog' sounds blah, fyi it's an abbreviation for "web log." I started blogging last summer and I find it good discipline as a writer. And old friends and new acquaintances check in. I even found my favorite English teacher from 8th grade through the post I wrote about him last month!

    Happy blogging!
    Barb Haller

  2. Welcome to blogdom, Wayne. I must agree with Barb. Blogging at least 3 times/week builds discipline as a writer and followship. The most time consuming part, however, is that building a followship means visiting other blogs & leaving comments with your addy in your signature.

    So, new blogger, drop in and pay me a visit.

    Jean Hall

    Grace & Peace.

  3. Wayne,
    I'm delighted to welcome you to the blogosphere! I have a special place in my writer's heart for you because you gave me one of my very first publishing credits by accepting a story for inclusion in Whispering in God's Ear, your wonderful compilation book about God answering the prayers of children. Your new book sounds very intriguing. Hope to stop by again soon!

  4. Way to go, Wayne! Glad to see you're on a blog. And good news about the madam book. An amazing story!

  5. Dear Wayne,

    I've been staring at this little comment box since 8:49 p.m. when your April newsletter came to my e-mail and you announced your new blog. Stuck for almost two hours, I finally remembered to ask myself something that sometimes gets me moving again: What would I say if I knew what to say? Oh, that's simple. I'd just say, Wayne, I am so grateful for the help and encouragement you gave when I submitted stories for books you edited. I always look forward to your newsletters, and I'll look forward to reading your blog. There. That was simple, finally.

  6. Okay, Wayne! At least some of us want and need a little humor to lighten our loads, which lately have gotten rather heavy. Our President is right about one thing (though I suspect it may be self-fulfilling prophecy): things will get worse before they get better. Which is why in what Max Lucado calls the MEANtime, we need someone to show us something—anything—other than bad news. So I expect you to give us a fresh perspective on life and point us in the write direction. BTW, thanks for rejecting my first two stories and then introducing me to our mutual mentor and friend Cecil Murphey.

  7. Great to see you in the blogosphere, Wayne! Enjoy.

  8. Wayne, you will love blogging! There is no pressure with it because you can post whenever you feel the spirit move, or whenever you taste a new flavor of ice cream and you feel compelled to tell the world about it. Feel free to steal any of my little widgets and gadgets from my blog:

  9. Welcome to Blogger- it's been an asset to me over the last 3 years.
    Good to see you here! I tried to leave a smiley yesterday via my phone, but I don't think it worked!
    I'll add you to my side-bar at MV. I hope all is well with you and I look forward to getting my copy of your book this week :)

  10. Wow. Thanks for the warm welcome every one. I think this will prove to be fun.

  11. Wayne mailmen dont need hair they have cute uniforms stay and write about all the strange people at the Post Office.